Leslie Wells, DC trained in exercise physiology, as doctor of chiropractic, and has extensive training in personal growth & development as well as holistic healing. She now offers personalized TurnAround Health Programs, a comprehensive, multifaceted approach to addressing health issues for massive lasting change. This individualized course is catered to your unique needs.


TurnAround Health Programs are designed by Dr Leslie to bring major changes in your well-being on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Your awareness and aliveness will increase as you clarify and step into fulfilling your personal self improvement vision, whether it is for:
  • overcoming pain, illness or injury
  • release of stress, anxiety or depression
  • weight loss
  • improved vitality, virility or awareness
  • deeper connection in relationship (with yourself, God, another)
  • looking and feeling younger (naturally!)
  • or any combination of the above...

What's in a TurnAround Health Program?

Just the right therapies and guidance for your specific goals will be chosen. When your needs call for it, you may be guided to start particular at-home or group activities, obtain assistance from another specialist, receive educational support in a particular area (i.e. given at home reading options covering a particular topic to bridge the gap of your awareness) and/or receive any combination of the following may be recommended:

Some of the therapies include…
  1. Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)
  2. Bio-Cleanse detox footbath
  3. Inner Quest
  4. NetworkSpinal
  5. Better Brain Chemistry Program
  6. The Chi Machine

Call today for your appointment to meet Dr Leslie, go through your assessment of Physical, Chemical and Emotional stresses. Dr Leslie will assist you in identifying your own Wellness goals, and prescribe a program that takes you to your goals AND fits in your budget.

Our therapies range in price from $9 for a 10 minute Chi machine session, to $140 for a 90 minute E.V.E Awakening session, so there is something for everybody!

Ready for a major TurnAround? Let's get started!