The Bio-Cleanse Foot Bath

The Bio-Cleanse Technologies Field Enhancement Unit is a therapeutic aid for revitalization and well being. It’s outcome is increased vitality and balanced well-being in today's toxic environment. You relax in a foot bath for 35 minutes with the field enhancer activating the water your feet are in.

When your body systems get low on energy, like a weak car battery when the charge runs down and your car won’t start, you need a jump-start. The Bio-Cleanse unit works organically yet somewhat similar to an automobile battery charger.

Bio-Cleanse Sessions May Help if You Have:

•  Chronic or General Fatigue
•  Depression, Stress & Anxiety
•  Toxic Chemicals/Heavy Metals
•  Poor Liver & Kidney function
•  Low Immune function
•  Inflammation & Pain, Colds & Flu
•  Post Radiation Treatment
•  Parasites, Pathogens
•  Insomnia
•  Arthritis, Fibromyalgia

How does it work?

The Bio-cleanse unit is used in a footbath and the system creates a process of complex ionization by charging the water molecules, and in turn stimulating your body's energy core. The unit organically causes the release of toxins and foreign material trapped within the body's cellular fluids. This detoxification occurs through the skin. Negative ions that appear in the water during treatment neutralize free radicals. As toxins are released and neutralized, a discoloration and change of consistency of the water occurs during the session.

Why use the Bio-cleanse?

In our daily life we encounter toxins, chemicals, radiation, pollution and synthetics, which surround and envelope us and no matter how careful we are with our eating habits and nutritional intake, it never seems to be enough. In addition to these commonly known environmental contaminants, we are also vulnerable to such health threats as heavy metal toxins (even from common amalgam tooth fillings), strains of super resilient bacteria, toxic pharmaceutical drugs, and fungi overgrowth (common after using antibiotics) that can clog the membranes of our cells and weaken our vitality, leading to lack of energy, illness and potentially pervasive disease.

Additionally, many people in modern society are overworked, highly stressed, and let their bodies get run down. Sometimes we never recover from ailments and injuries because our bodies just do not get enough energy to heal themselves.

The Bio-cleanse unit creates a biocharge that is both safe and compatible with living matter. The system uses water as the medium. Up to 80% of the body is water. We are now able to use water and energy as a "detoxifying recharge" to offset the rigors of everyday toxemia (poisoning).

The Bio Cleanse Field Enhancement unit combines the scientific principles behind the cleansing processes of the therapeutic hot pool and the healing energy force of water, it also increases the natural Chi of the body.


The detoxification process can temporarily cause uncomfortable physical and mental symptoms to appear. When you change your lifestyle by starting something new that lessens your storehouse of internal toxins, such as a new diet or exercise, discontinuing a previous habit (eating chocolate or drinking coffee) or beginning a new regime such as bio-cleanse footbaths, your cells will start to release the backlog of poisons it has been carrying. As these toxins clear, they can cause symptoms such as headaches, general aches and pains, cough, diarrhea, skin eruptions (rash), clogged sinus etc. in the process.

When using the Bio-Cleanse footbaths, the symptoms are usually short lived and not debilitating. A slight rise in temperature may be the only indication.

The process may not be linear- toxins tend to release in cycles. After the initial toxins are eliminated you'll feel great until the next cycle digs deeper and symptoms reappear as the body releases on a deeper level.

Other Benefits:

Negative ions absorbed during the session neutralize free radicals and pollutants within the body enabling the body to excrete excess acids and toxins which then reduces pain and joint problems.

Bio-Cleanse Field Enhancer technology increases the cell membrane voltage, which improves cellular function and integrity of nutrient and water exchange, toxin release and also prevents toxins getting into the cell. This helps improve allergy status, immune function and available energy due to nutrients and minerals moving across the membrane as needed.

The cell receives energy which is used for the cell membrane to cleanse itself of the toxins sitting on the outside layer. Once the cell does not need to use the energy for cleansing, it may store the energy. That means the more Bio-Cleanse sessions you have, the more you will feel an abundance of energy… fatigue after a long day will be a thing of the past!

Ionization increases oxygen in water by 300%. This reduces inflammation in the blood which is shown in pictures taken with the live blood analysis before and after a Bio-Cleanse treatment.

Your CELLULAR AGE can DECREASE and you are effectively a younger person at a cellular level. And 'yes' you may notice over a period of time how much more youthful you look... sounds too good to be true!! After using the Bio-Cleanse technology over time, many people report noticing they have a new glow to their skin. After a year or more of treatments, before and after photos show a substantially more healthy and radiant looking person. It is truly amazing! Many people use this therapy not to treat a problem, but for enhanced wellness and well being, promoting optimal vitality and whole health.