Hi, I’m Dr Leslie
and I welcome you to my website...

I believe nothing in life is accidental, so I trust there is a specific purpose for you coming to this site, even if you didn’t expect to! I invite you to read further and see what Bridge Holistic Healing may have to offer you.

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We utilize the latest in detoxification technologies, healing spinal & body work, breath methods, and nutritional support to move you through your health, pain, and stress challenges into lasting true health. Completely naturally. Without drugs or surgery.

We believe natural health care should be accessible to all people and endeavor to make that happen. Our mission is to be a bridge between you and your highest true health potential, regardless of your current circumstances.

Is this you?

  • Are you suffering with pain or sickness that isn’t resolving itself, or keeps coming back?
  • Do you have repeated headaches, back or neck pain or trouble sleeping?
  • Do you notice a lack of energy or motivation? Or stress and mounting tension?
  • DO you feel a lack of purpose or sense of being lost?
  • Are you frustrated by attracting the same kinds of relationship problems over and over?
  • Perhaps you’re feeling out of rhythm with your life, and hating it?
  • Or have you been feeling generally STUCK?
               (In your career, body, relationship, spiritual growth?)

You’ve come to the right place

Let me explain.

Traditional medical care and even many natural therapies often attempt to treat illness from the outside in, covering up or suppressing what ails you so you can GO BACK to your life as it was. This approach gives symptomatic change for a time, but can leave the underlying cause of issues unchanged.

Eventually root imbalances will show up again, in the same or a different way. Often there’s an observable pattern, if you think about it, with the same challenges in your body, relationships, and life occurring over and over. New circumstances, maybe new symptoms, new person, new month and year, but the same core issues coming up again.

Isn’t it time to MOVE FORWARD, to experience the next step in your personal evolution and transcend what’s been holding you back at your current level of living? Deep within us is an inner urge to progress, to evolve, to awaken to more. This urge will keep prompting towards change until, when we’re ready, we let go of the old and allow shift to happen.

I can help...

Your shift into true health and deeper fulfillment can be reached, and I can help you do it. I utilize a unique blend of modern and ancient methods to

  • heal unresolved body/mind trauma,
  • improve brain chemistry naturally,
  • release underlying nervous system and spinal cord tension,
  • clear toxins that poison the body and drain health and
  • connect you with your higher potential in mind, body and spirit.

The results my clients experience are not only lasting physical change, but transformed relationships, healthier life choices and a happier outlook. Even the aging process can be slowed or reversed when new vitality is accessed by the body/mind. Visit my services and programs pages to preview the menu of resources that will pave the way for your success. Then, when you are ready to begin the journey forward into your new level of health and awareness, call me.

(980) 202-1055

I look forward to being your humble way-shower on this exciting path to more wholeness and a better body, mind and life.

"At any moment the decision you make can change the course of your life forever."
- Anthony Robbins